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useful tools for Ubuntu testers and bug triagersThis is a collection of useful tools that Ubuntu QA team uses to make their daily work a lot easier. . Such tools can include bug filing, bug reporting, scripts to download ISO images, etc. . Available scripts are: . * check-needs-packaging - checks for bugs that require new packaging * body-searching - search bugs with a particular text * count-senders - quantity of messages sent by individuals to the bug mailinglist * tagged-bugs - search for tagged bugs in Launchpad * triager-query - search for actions of a particular triager * dl-ubuntu-test-iso - downloads ISOs for testing using zsync or rsync * iso-ripper - rips debs out of downloaded isos * debian-bug-search - searches the Debian bug tracking system * hugday - simplifies participating on ubuntu hugdays * ml-fixes-report - searches fixes in a bug mailing list * ml-team-fixes-report - searches fixes by team
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